Research Laboratory Center

Research Laboratory Center includes the Department of Analytical Chemistry Methods, the Department of Immunological Diagnostic Methods and the Department of Biochemical and Cytogenetic Diagnostics in order to provide reliable data for investigations of human safety.

Certificate of accreditation of the laboratory center № РОСС RA.RU.21HA51

Research Laboratory Center includes the following Laboratories:

Research Laboratory Center performs the following research:

  • Environmental analysis (ambient air; indoor air; workplace air; industrial emissions; atmospheric precipitations; soil; surface water; drinking water; wastewater; ground waters);
  • Analytical chemistry determinations (blood, urine, hair, breast milk);
  • Clinical testing (blood, urine, nasal secretion, bile);
  • Biochemical examinations (blood, blood serum, plasma, saliva, bile, gastric juice);
  • ELISA (blood serum, saliva);
  • Immunological testing (blood, blood serum, plasma).

The laboratories have current highly sensitive and selective equipment and measurement devices.

The RLC specialists develop novel methods for chemical analysis of human biological samples that are approved at the Federal level and are applied to environmental disease diagnostics, carry out a wide range of clinical, biochemical, immunological, cytogenetic and ELISA assays (more than 200 parameters) and create a database to investigate the relationship between environmental diseases and the impact of environmental chemical factors.

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