Immunogenetics Laboratory

Head of Immunogenetics Laboratory

Dr Aleksandr V. Krivtsov, PhD

Research lines:

  • Investigating the risk of developing oncological diseases, associated with exposure to environmental chemical factors, in children and adults,
  • Dividing patients (children and adults), according to their risk of developing DNA mutations,
  • The analysis of the risk of developing respiratory (bronchial asthma) and skin (atopic dermatitis) allergies in children and adults, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, associated with exposure to chemical factors,
  • The diagnosis of congenital and secondary immunodeficiency conditions in children and adults,
  • GMO diagnostics,
  • Diagnosing the effect of chemical factors’ impact on tissue compatibility for transplantation (future research), and
  • Investigating genetic disorders using DNA technologies, sequencing techniques; MHC typing; investigating cytokine genes (e.g., interleukins in pregnancy pathology); PCR.

Research results:

We have developed a technique for the diagnosis of immunodeficiency conditions in the population, exposed to viral and technogenic contamination. Patent No. MGR9 G01N 33/48.

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