Department of Mathematical Modeling of Systems and Processes

Head of the department

Dmitry A. Kiryanov, PhD

The department includes:

The research performed at the department:

  • We carry out research in the fields of mathematical and data analysis of medical and demographic, social, environmental and economic systems. The research is performed in accordance with the research plans of the Center.
  • We develop methodical guidelines for the application of mathematical and data analysis research methods, systems analysis and information technologies.
  • Our department develops methods and methodology for information analysis on the whole range of the Center’s research interests.
  • We carry out administration of the Center’s databases, which includes the development of data structure, data integrity support, the development of algorithms and methods for information protection.
  • Our professionals develop software for specific management and analysis of the database information.
  • We organize the performance of a unified information system in the Center.
  • Our research findings have resulted in patents, registered databases and intellectual products, etc.

The functions of the department:

  • Creating and supporting the unified information system within the Center, using advanced information technologies,
  • Installing new electronic equipment, providing technical support and testing of the Center’s electronic equipment,
  • Supporting the Center’s database, data integrity support and data access control,
  • Software support of the organizational website,
  • Internet access control,
  • Providing methodical, informational and software support, related to mathematical modeling of systems and processes, to the research performed by the other departments of the Center,
  • Analyzing Russian and foreign studies on data analysis, mathematical research methods, building mathematical models and solving optimization problems, and
  • Planning, organizing and carrying out urgent basic and applied research in the field of mathematical modeling of systems and processes.

Research topics 2012:

  1. Features of the population health status, associated with the transformation of the social structure and environmental quality and conditions,
  2. Mathematical modeling of the accumulation of functional disorders of the human body, where they are related to environmental factors,
  3. Creating and improving an information and computing environment to solve fundamental and applied problems in the field of hygienic safety, and
  4. Building a system of experimental studies for the identification of mathematical model parameters.

The department uses the following hardware and software:

  • Service equipment – Proliant ML350 G06 Server
  • Service software – Oracle DataBase 10g
  • Oracle Application Server 10g
  • Oracle Business Intelligence 10g
  • Oracle OLAP 10g
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2007
  • Application development software – Delphi 2010 Architect
  • PL/SQL Developer 8.0

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