Biochemical and Nanosensor Diagnostics Laboratory

Research lines:

  • Assessing the safety of elemental and dimer nano-particles for the population and workers,
  • Forecasting the development of non-communicable diseases in the population and workers, taking into account such criteria as safe levels of chemical contaminants and changes in biochemical parameters of homeostasis,
  • Substantiating diagnostic technologies of early detection of non-communicable health disorders in the population and workers, using biochemical and nanosensor research methods,
  • Substantiating markers of exposure and biochemical markers of effects for early detection, monitoring and prophylaxis of non-communicable diseases in the population and workers, when exposed to risk factors,
  • Substantiating a list of biochemical markers and criteria for diagnosing a negative impact of risk factors on the population and employees’ health,
  • Assessing the effectiveness of medical and preventive technologies in the population, exposed to risk factors, based on the research on biochemical markers of impaired homeostasis, and
  • Collecting, storing and processing data on the incidence and prevalence of health disorders, which are associated with the impact of risk factors and have been detected using biochemical and cytogenetic diagnosis.

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