Department of Sanitary and Hygienic Analysis and Monitoring Systemic Methods

Head of the Department

Dr Svetlana V. Kleyn, PhD

The Department consists of:

  1. The Sanitary and Hygienic Analysis and Expert Examinations Laboratory
  2. The Conformity Assessment and Consumer Protection Laboratory
  3. The Social and Hygiene Monitoring Laboratory

Main directions:

  1. Comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of sanitary and hygiene measures, using the “cost-benefit” methodology
  • Analyzing and forecasting levels of environmental and human health impacts and performing health risk assessment for investment project implementation.
  • Computing and mapping current and future boundaries of human health risk areas.
  • Identifying priority hazardous factors, industrial facilities and sources of emissions and calculating their contribution to health risks.
  • Evaluating the economic effect of health risk reduction, including mortality and morbidity rate reduction in the area of industrial facilities’ impact.
  • Calculating the effectiveness of investments, based on cost benefit analysis.
  • Including the assessment of positive social, health and environmental effects from using environmentally friendly goods with better hygienic properties, into the cost-benefit analysis of investments.
  • Assessing the adequacy of environmental protection measures, using health risk criteria.
  • The substantiation of "region-municipality-business entity" level programs, based on human life and health priorities
    • The determination of high health risk areas for performing thorough health examinations and diagnostic testing.
    • The substantiation of screening programs, including the measurement of specific substances in human bio-samples (blood, breast milk, hair, etc.), biochemical, immune and other testing, based on health hazard identification and exposure assessment.
    • The selection of priorities, when developing health risk minimization programs.
    • The substantiation of environmental monitoring programs in areas of industrial facilities’ impact.
    • Health risk communication before and after the implementation of investment projects. Demonstrating social and environmental responsibility of industrial companies.
  • Optimizing the dimensions of the exclusion zones of industrial companies and industrial hubs
  • The Center designs the projects of both exclusion zones for certain industrial companies and common exclusion zones for industrial hubs.

    Software and equipment of the department:

    • Retrospective databases, containing medical, demographic, environmental and social data (ambient air quality, drinking water quality, morbidity rates, air emission sources, etc.), which are adjusted to solve specific problems and form an integrated data bank, covering the period 1981-2006.
    • Data analysis software package: SAS, GIS ArcView, MapInfo, software for calculating the dispersion of pollutants (a unified software program for calculating air pollution "Ecologist", "Ecologist-Mean", "Era") and for assessing noise impacts ("Noise" and "Ecologist-Noise" software).

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