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Tacis technical office and its representatives highly appreciate the professional quality of investigations and developments carried out in this important Center. With hopes for future professional and fruitful co-operation.

With best regards,
Engineering department director of the European Union's Tacis Program,
Piter Wedeimeier

With a feeling of great satisfaction we have acquainted with the activities of this scientific institute. We see that the research team is working on long-term outlook for the increase of health of Russians and for the benefit of a strong Russian state.

Head Physician of the Federal Center of Ministry of Health of Russia,
Professor E.N. Belyaev

I was delighted of forward-looking scientific field. It is prototype of the Russian public health service of the next century. Forecasting expected child mortality provides a way to make managerial decision. Institute requires in prompt conversation in a rank of federal institute and organizing of research and development centre of children’s environmental pathology on it’s based.

Director of Research Studies Institute named after F. Erisman,

The Institute of Children’s Environmental Pathology headed by Professor Nina V. Zaitseva, PhD, DSc is paramount organization for the health of the population. That proves that the main criterion for evaluating the ecology of the city and the region itself is public health. Teamwork of City Committee for Nature Protection and the institute allows to evaluate the effectiveness of conservation and to identify priority pollutants and to develop measures for their localization. I wish you good health and success in our work.

Sincerely, Chairman of the Municipal Committee for Nature Protection,
N.A. Schekoldin

I thank very much the participants to the seminar and in particular the staff of the Institute of Children’s Environmental Pathology. I hope to have opportunity of cooperation with the Institute, fruitful exchange of scientific knowledge in the field of ecology and environment protection.

Manager of program within a framework of Tacis system “environmental audit on the industrial undertaking”,
Jovani Ciceri

My congratulations to the initiators, donors and the employees of the institute! I feel that there is a unique work, quite unique not only in Russia but also, to my mind - in Europe. The cooperation between ecologists and medical services as an example of this institution would be an example even for the developed countries of Europe! Once again, my congratulations!

Professor Janos Law,
World Health Organization, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Research Studies Clinical Institute is utmost impression for me in the 1998 year. I will to do anything for maximum broadcast extension in the Russia.

President of State Committee, DS, professor, academian of AES RF,
V.I. Danilov- Danilyan

Extremely pleased with the fact that at last we have moved from words to deeds. "Children Are Our Future", now it is not just a declaration, but a reality your great institutу demonstrates. Good luck!

Sincerely, Mayor of the city of Perm 2006-2010 I.N.Shubin

We were thrilled with organization and activities of Perm Clinical Institute of Children’s Environmental Pathology under the leadership of member of UNEP National Committee for Russia Professor Nina V. Zaitseva, PhD, DSc. Children are our future! With that it’s most socially unprotected part of the Russian population. We mark with deep satisfaction:
  • the staff of highly skilled specialists in Institute successful work at the decision of health maintenance and recruitment problem of current and future generation in Russia,
  • interdepartmental cooperation between doctors, ecologists and hygienists for the decision this actual problem has state temper,
  • this work have are large understanding and approval of regional, city and industry administration,
  • regional academic concilium “Scientific-methods and legal population protection against environmental hazard” (10-12.10.2000) was lead under the aegis of preventative medicine department RAMS is very important as for Perm region as for Russia.
I sincerely wish you continued success in work and activities.

Academician RAMS N. Izmerov,
academician RAMS M.Shandala,
corresponding member RAMS Y.Novikov,
academician RAMS Y. Rahmanin,
N.F.Gamaleya Institute for Epidemiology & Microbiology. A. Gincburg,
corresponding member RAMS G.Suvorov

Dear Colleagues! In June 2001, at the meeting to establish a register of emissions and pollutant transport, we were honored to meet the creative team of the Institute and the Center for Children ecopathology and environmental safety of the city of Perm. We wish you success in the scientific and clinical work on behalf of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Medical Service of St. Petersburg and the Centre of International Projects of Moscow. Your work is amazing and beautiful! We wish you to develop and expand its "limits" further and deeper! Let there always be luck in all your undertakings, wish you health, happiness and success!

Head of the Centre of International Projects M.Yu. Klimov,
Regards, Doctor of SES GSEN Center in St. Petersburg, A.J. Kostikov,
With love and gratitude, Project Coordinator of the Centre of International Projects, EV Pershin.

I am extremely impressed by the approved adopted by the Institute. The commitment to producing a full picture of the difficulty afflicting the children of Perm is to be admired. This, together with the range of treatment facilities available at the institute provides a model of excellence for other industrial and post-industrial areas both in Russia in other, similar parts of the world.

Saral Galloncy, B.A., M.Ed., MSc, AFBpS
C. Psychol
Oxford University Excgange Program

I wish the staff of the Institute, unique in the country's health system, success in work, satisfaction of desires, the development of activities.

Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federat



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