International Collaboration

Work in close collaboration with colleagues in Russia and abroad enable to expand our knowledge and experience, and also consolidate the efforts to solve actual problems in the field of protection of human health and quality of environment. Russian and international projects are successfully implemented for over 15 years by our leading scientists.

The specialists of the Centre as experts take an active part in assertion of the positions of the Russian Federation on issues referred to the safety of environment and customer products on international level, on the level of such organizations as WTO, WHO, FAO, the OECD. Together with the colleagues from EAEU member-countries on the basis of harmonized principles and methodical approaches to health risk assessment we have laid the groundwork for forming a system of inter-State documents regulating the basic elements of health risk analysis.

Since 2010 the Centre has taken part in the international program of quality control of analysis of chemical elements in whole blood initiated by the Сenter for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, the USA (program LAMP), and in the International Program for External Quality Control of Laboratory Researches EQAS (External Quality Assurance Scheme, registration numbers 9473 and 13494).

Due to the application to the Government of the Perm krai and under the Contract with UNDP Bureau of Europe and the CIS countries in Bratislava, the specialists of the Centre (DSc, Professor N.V. Zaitseva, DSc, Professor I.V. Mai, DSc, V.B. Alekseev) participated in preparation of the Report on human potential development in the Perm krai for 2010. It became the second Report which highlighted the issues on human potential development for a separate constituent unit of the Russian Federation.

In the years 2011-2014 the Microneedle Technologies – Future of Diagnostics international project was realized by the International Research Group of the scientists under the leadership of the Head of Department of the Biochemical and Cytogenetic methods of diagnostics of the Centre DSc, Professor, Zemlyanova M.A. and the professor Mark Prausnitz (Atlanta, the USA).

Since 2014, the Federal Scientific Centre has been included in the network of cooperative WHO organizations involved in risk assessment of using chemical compounds.

The Scientific Centre takes part in the implementation of the collaboration program between the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Protection and Welfare and the Ministry of Health of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on the issue on assistance in provision of the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population (2015, 2017-2020).

Today we are intended to rout our scientific potential into realization of our purposes in development of the international collaboration, to improve currently established interaction and expand professional contacts in leading research areas.

Scientific conferences:

Every year the results of scientific researchers are presented in major international forums and conferences:

  • FAO/WHO – Commission Codex Alimentarius, Saint Juan (Puerto-Rico), Batumi (Georgia), Moscow (Russia), the Hague (The Netherlands), Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Sochi (Russia) – 2012 – 2017;
  • OECD – the Committee on Consumer Policy, Paris (France) - 2014 – 2015;
  • WTO - the Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, Geneva, (Switzerland) – October 2014;
  • SCO – 5th meeting of the SCO member states’ sanitary and epidemiological services that are responsible for ensuring of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare, Sochi (Russia) – 2017;
  • The International scientific conferences: Columbia (the USA), Basel (Switzerland), London (the United Kingdom), Porto (Portuguese), Hong Kong (PRC), Krakow (Poland), Berlin (Germany), Madrid (Spain), Sophia (Bulgaria), etc. – 2012-2020.

Specialists and young scientists take an active part in the International exchanges, conferences, symposiums in the USA, the Netherlands, Croatia, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, China, Vietnam.

WHO Chemical Risk Assessment Network

Training Course(s) in Federal Scientific Center for Medical and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies, Russia, Perm

  1. Course name:
    Health Risk Assessment of products containing chemicals
    Course date(s):
    May, 27-31, 2019
    Day 1:
    Health Risk analysis: theory, stages and prospects of development. Legal basis of risk analysis in Russia and abroad.
    Day 2:
    Health risk factors. Hazard identification. Assessment of inhalation and oral exposure of chemicals.
    Day 3:
    Chemical and analytical support of health risk analysis. Biomarkers of exposure. Biomarkers of effect under environmental chemical exposure.
    Day 4:
    Characteristics of environmental health risk. Evolutionary modeling in health risk assessment.
    Day 5:
    Risk assessment in the development of hygienic standards of chemicals in the environment.
  2. Course name:
    Risk assessment of diseases related to work under the influence of chemical factors
    Course date(s):
    December, 16-19, 2019
    Day 1:
    Occupational and professional diseases, diseases related to work Occupational risk assessment. Occupational health risk. National and international legal and scientific basis of professional risk assessment.
    Day 2:
    Health risk occupational factors (chemical and physical). Hazard identification.
    Day 3:
    Hygienic and medical research in the assessment of occupational risk.
    Day 4:
    The pathogenetic mechanisms of the formation of risk of diseases related to work.
    Day 5:
    Characteristics of risk of diseases related to work. The main directions of action to reduce it.

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