Allergy and Immunology Laboratory

Head of Allergy and Immunology Laboratory

Dr Tatyana S. Lykhina

Research lines:

  • Investigating the features of the immune response in children, when exposed to low concentrations of a wide range of toxicants (organic and non-organic low-molecular-weight chemical compounds), using current laboratory assays, which allow us to identify changes in humoral (reaginic and cytokine profiles) and cell (lymphocyte immune phenotyping) immunity,
  • Performing immune and ELISA testing of biological media to study the immune response to the impact of chemical and physical technogenic factors for social and environmental monitoring (IgА, IgМ, IgG levels; the condition of phagocytosis and cell immunity, the levels of carcinoembryonic antigen, alpha-fetoprotein, total IgE and specific IgE and IgG, thyroid hormones and TSH, anti-infective immunity parameters),
  • Providing laboratory support of diagnosing sensitivity to haptens and atopic mechanisms (parameters, related to the switch to Th2 regulation of the immune response);
  • Studying the proliferative activity of haptens, associated with environmental chemical impacts, using tumor marker diagnostics, and
  • Analyzing the levels of anti-viral and anti-bacterial defense parameters.

Research results:

We have developed a technique for the quantitative determination of specific IgG antibodies to low-molecular-weight chemical compounds in blood serum. Patent No. MGR9 G01N 33/53.

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