Health Risk Analysis Department

The department consists of five laboratories:


Performing fundamental and applied research, using systems and interdisciplinary approaches, on health risk analysis, including:

  • Developing and improving draft conceptual documents, regulations, methodical guidelines and other documents for health risk assessment and management, for the institutions of the Federal Service on Consumers’ Rights Protection and Human Well-Being Surveillance,
  • Developing technologies for environmental, occupational and social health risk management, in particular, the assessment of an extent to which health risks can be manageable and the improvement of mechanisms of health risk prevention and reduction,
  • Developing scientifically proven techniques for targeted dissemination of information about health risks,
  • Assessing and forecasting the consequences of environmental factors’ impact on human health,
  • Substantiating health risk assessment methods and criteria for environmental, occupational and social health risk factors at the population and individual level,
  • Analyzing and forecasting the impact of healthy way of life on human health and manpower resources,
  • Developing technologies and methods for mathematical modeling in the fields of health risk assessment and forecasting the impact of prophylactic technologies on human health,
  • Substantiating methods and criteria for assessing damage, associated with health risks, and the effectiveness of sanitary and hygiene and prophylactic measures, and
  • Substantiating methods and criteria for determining permissible health risk levels.

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