Center for Occupational Medicine and Pathology

Department for occupational hygiene

  • occupational risk analysis laboratory

Occupational medicine clinic

  • consultative and out-patient department
  • medical hospital

Goals: The Center

  • scientifically validates, develops and improves methodological and organizational approaches to assessment of health state in working population, to prevention of occupational and work-related diseases, and to assessment and management of occupational risks taking into account domestic experience and modern trends of WHO, ILO;
  • develops principles and algorithms to ascertain an association of deterioration of employee's health with occupational environment in terms of structural, hygienic, statistical and other methods of analysis;
  • improves methodology for assessing association between working environment and occupational diseases;
  • provides working population with primary, secondary and high technology care.

Main fields of concern

  • In-depth clinical laboratory assessment of health status in workers of harmful and (or) dangerous employments, including those who have been exposed to adverse factors for 5 years and more.
  • Detection of initial manifestation of occupational pathology risks.
  • Providing periodical medical inspections to the employees exposed to hazardous work factors.
  • Expert examination of the association between disease and profession.
  • Professional suitability assessment.
  • Development and introduction of scientific and practical programs for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of occupational pathology.
  • Providing the organs of practical healthcare with methodological and information support on the problems of diagnostics and treatment of occupational diseases.
  • Validating organizational models for providing specialized preventive treatment to workers of adverse employments in terms of scientific methodology.
  • Developing and introducing standards for hygienic diagnosis of employment diseases according to the data from epidemiological analysis of acting occupational risk factors.
  • Developing methodological approaches to assess reproductive health disorders in employees exposed to harmful and (or) dangerous working environments and providing scientific validation for medical and biological criteria for assessing this approaches.
  • Developing occupational risk management system.

Research activities

The research activities of the Center are focused at the fields of occupational pathology and labor hygiene.

An impact of production factors upon health state and production-related health conditions in employees of mechanical industry, oil-extracting mechanical industry, oil-extracting industry, iron and steel plant, iron and steel plants of the Perm Krai have been evaluated by the Center.

Results of work:

  • Guidelines.
  • Procedure for performing periodical medical examination of employees exposed to hazardous production factors during 5 and more years at the centers for occupational pathology or other organization licensed to provide the expertize of association between disease and profession.
  • Procedure for periodical and initial medical examinations of employees of metal powder industry.
  • Procedure for hygienic evaluation of factors that pose risk upon reproductive health of the population and for organizing prevention measures.
  • Textbook “Computer equipment impact upon the organism of a professional user”.
  • Informational letter “Health state in workers employed at absorbent carbon production”.
  • Programs for assessing impact of production factors upon the state of health of mechanical industry, oil-extracting industry, iron and steel plant employees.
  • Programs for hygienic assessment of main factors of risk of work-related pathology in the oil-extracting industry employees.

Projects of scientific-methodological documents:

  • Guidelines:
    • Procedure for periodical and initial medical examinations of the oil-extracting industry employees.
    • Procedure for periodical and initial medical examinations of professional computer users.
    • Procedure for periodical and initial medical examinations of employees of productions with cancer-causing hazard.
  • Standard for hygienic diagnosis of incipient form of work related dorsopathy in employees of the oil-extracting industry.
  • Guidelines for doctors:
    • Organizing prevention measures against adverse impact of production factors upon employees of the machine manufacturing.
    • Optimizing profound medical examination programs for early detection of work related health state deterioration in employees of the textile industry.
    • Optimizing programs for profound medical examination of employees of the oil-extracting industry.

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