Department of Post-Graduate Training and PhD Research

Objectives and functions:

  • To provide post-graduate training at the Center in compliance with current regulations;
  • To organize the educational process, to provide postgraduates and researchers with information and methodical aids;
  • To develop and approve curricula and educational programs;
  • To provide professional development courses, PhD and post-doctoral research on a fee-paying basis, in addition to state-financed scholarships;
  • To provide consulting services to course participants, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers;
  • To widen the range of post-graduate educational services in the main research directions of the Center;
  • To develop and implement innovative educational technologies;
  • To perform education quality control.

We offer PhD degree in Hygiene (Speciality No. 14.02.01).

Further professional development programs:

  1. Environmental Pollution and Human Health (72 hours)
  2. Foundations of a Healthy Lifestyle (72 hours)
  3. Industrial Hygiene (72 hours)
  4. General Hygiene (144 hours)

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