Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Research Laboratory

Research lines:

  • Investigating and assessing the metabolism and pharmacokinetics of toxic compounds, genetically modified foods, cosmetics and food additives for health safety assessment,
  • Investigating the phenotypic features of the metabolism and biotransformation of toxic compounds, having various chemical structures and entering the human body by exogenous routes,
  • Studying the mechanism of the development of adverse health effects, taking into account the biotransformation and toxic action of environmental chemical factors,
  • Developing medical and preventive technologies under combined multimedia exposure to toxic compounds, medications, genetically modified foods, etc., taking into account the features of their metabolism and pharmacokinetics in the human body,
  • Collecting, storing and processing and disseminating initial information on negative health effects of the combined exposure to foods, cosmetics, food additives and environmental and occupational chemical factors.

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