Nina V. Zaitseva

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the website of the Federal Budget Scientific Institution “Federal Scientific Center for Medical and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies”. Our Center was established on the basis of Perm Clinical Institute of Children’s Environmental Pathology.

The main goal of the Federal Center is to carry out basic and applied research in the realm of risk analysis and sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the Russian population. The Center is part of the federal centralized system of institutions that carry out national sanitary and epidemiological surveillance.

The Center consists of the research division and the clinical division (children’s and adult inpatient and outpatient departments).

The main directions for basic and applied research of the Center:

  • Performing basic and applied research using systems and interdisciplinary approaches to provide sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population and to protect consumer rights;
  • Conducting sanitary and epidemiological inspection and examinations, hygienic and toxicological assessments, calculations, prognosis, providing software and GIS;
  • Diagnosing, preventing and treating general pathology, occupational and environment-related health disorders, reproductive health disorders;
  • Certifying and auditing in the field of sanitary and epidemiological safety including occupational safety, labor protection, environmental safety, safety of objects subject to surveillance;
  • Assessing hazardous industrial factors;
  • Testing pharmaceuticals, specialty foods, physiotherapy equipment and other medical supplies, perfumes and cosmetics, drinking water treatment chemicals;
  • Providing advanced training courses for environmental management and health care specialists, postgraduate training, PhD and higher doctoral theses, supporting young scientists;
  • Integrating scientific and educational activities, building an innovation cluster for efficient application of research findings by authorities at all levels;
  • Supporting health organizations in the sphere of sanitary and epidemiological well-being, diagnostics, prevention and treatment of diseases related to adverse environmental factors;
  • Educating the population and enterprise workers in sanitary questions and spreading information about risks, promoting healthy way of life;
  • Applying scientific achievements concerning problems investigated in the Center;

The Center has established the Academic Council and the Young Researchers Council.

A scientific school has been formed by Professor Nina V. Zaitseva, Head of the Center.

The Federal Center offers Postgraduate training and PhD Research.

The Federal Center includes GIS-center established to process data and use them efficiently to solve scientific and applied geographic problems concerning environmental inventory, analysis, modeling, environmental and population health prognosis and management.

Professor Nina V. Zaitseva, PhD, DSc.
Scientific Director
Federal Scientific Center for Medical and
Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies


Adress: 82 Monastyrskaya St., Perm, 614045, Russia

Tel/Fax: +7(342)237-25-34

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