Environmental Risk Analysis Laboratory

Research lines:

  • Developing criteria and methods for the assessment and management of health risks, associated with the impacts of environmental chemical, biological and physical factors. The developed approaches are harmonized with the international methodology for health risk assessment,
  • Providing scientific and methodological support of health risk assessment to analyze the effectiveness of the Federal Service on Customer Protection and Human Well-Being, and to ensure population safety,
  • Developing methods for assessing an integrated health risk, associated with various environmental factors,
  • Developing methods for substantiating the scope and scale of environmental monitoring for more efficient management of human and financial resources.

Research results:

  • We have carried out quantitative risk assessment, using epidemiological assessment methods, within studies on the determination and assessment of the harmful impact of environmental factors on the development of pathologies in 6 pilot areas. We have determined the priority sources of unacceptable risk and we have assessed their impact on human health.
  • We have proposed methodical approaches to the determination of an integrated health risk, associated with the impact of various environmental factors.
  • We have proposed methodical approaches to risk assessment of the impact of environmental microbiological factors.
  • We have developed methodical guidelines for assessing risks from multimedia exposure to environmental chemicals as well as integrated and microbiological risks.
  • We have developed draft methodical guidelines for the optimization of the scope and scale of testing drinking water quality within environmental monitoring.
  • We have completed more than150 projects on the substantiation of the safety of industrial companies and industrial hubs, using acceptable risk criteria.

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