Occupational Risk Analysis Laboratory

Head of Occupational Risk Analysis Laboratory

Dmitry M. Shlyapnikov

Research lines:

  • Scientific substantiation, development and improvement of methodical and organizational approaches to health risk assessment in employees, prophylaxis of occupational diseases and occupational risk assessment and management, based on Russian experience and current WHO and ILO trends,
  • The development of principles, algorithms of and technologies for establishing relationships between a work environment and health disorders in employees, using structural, hygienic, clinical, statistical and other types of analysis,
  • The development of standards for diagnosing occupational health disorders, and
  • The optimization of manufacturing process control and periodical medical examinations of employees, taking into account occupational risk assessment.

Research results:

  • We have developed methodical approaches to the detection, assessment and prophylaxis of occupational pathologies.
  • We have developed the procedure of periodical medical examinations of employees, who have been working in harmful or hazardous environments for 5 or more years, for occupational pathology centers.
  • We have developed the procedure of periodical medical examinations of powder metallurgy workers.
  • We have developed the procedure of a hygienic assessment of reproductive health risk factors.
  • We have completed occupational health risk assessments in employees of oil extraction, mechanical engineering and light industry companies.
  • We have developed methodical guidelines for substantiating the manufacturing process control programs in powder metallurgy companies.

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