The Sanitary and Hygienic Analysis and Expert Examinations Laboratory

Head of the laboratory

Stanislav Yu. Balashov

Providing scientific and methodical support to analyses, investigations, studies and expert examinations in the fields of:

  • spatial development and urban planning,
  • manufacturing, transportation, storage, use and disposal of technical and industrial products, in cases where direct human participation is involved, as well as personal and household goods,
  • manufacturing, transportation, purchase and use of chemical and biological substances and certain types of products, which are potentially hazardous to humans,
  • restricting catering to specially equipped locations, including making food and drinks, their storage and sales, preventing the onset and the spread of infectious diseases (except for highly infectious diseases) or mass non-infectious diseases (poisonings),
  • catering at pre-school and educational institutions, healthcare facilities, health promotion and social protection institutions,
  • the design and maintenance of protection areas for water bodies which are used as drinking water sources,
  • the safety of water sources, which are used for the drinking water supply, recreation and therapeutic purposes, and water bodies, located within towns and cities,
  • drinking water safety in centralized and non-centralized drinking water supply systems,
  • compliance with ambient air safety criteria in inhabited areas,
  • the establishment of standards for maximum permissible emissions of chemicals, biological substances and microorganisms in the air and for the design and maintenance of the exclusion zones for industrial companies,
  • soil safety in urban and rural areas,
  • the conditions of and techniques for the collection, use, treatment, transportation, storage and disposal of industrial and consumer waste,
  • the assessment of residential areas’ compliance with the requirements on space, zoning, lighting, insolation, microclimate, air, noise, vibration and ionizing and non-ionizing radiation levels,
  • maintaining buildings, constructions, equipment, transport, etc.,
  • working conditions, manufacturing equipment safety, the assessment of workplaces, collective and personal protective equipment, work/rest schedules and sanitary facilities of industrial workers, in compliance with the requirements, in order to prevent injuries, occupational diseases, infectious diseases and non-infectious diseases (poisonings), related to their working conditions, and
  • using educational programs, methodologies and techniques, technical, audio-visual aids and other educational means, school furniture, as well as books and other printed materials.

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