Information and Computing Systems and Technologies Laboratory

Head of the laboratory

Svetlana V. Babina

Issues, connected with providing an uninterrupted performance of the local computer network and with Internet access:

  • Server administration and maintenance, and
  • External safety of the servers and computers of the local network.

Issues, related to information and software support of the Center:

  • Administration of the Center’s databases,
  • Database maintenance software development,
  • Analytical software development, and
  • Generating and running database inquiries, sampling.

Issues, connected with the development of new data organization methods and the interaction with different data sources:

  • Developing methods for the storage and access of distributed data stored on different media,
  • Developing methods for remote access to spatially distributed data, and
  • Developing algorithms, methods and software for the information interaction between external programs and the Center’s database.

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