Method of urine phenol quantitative determination

Professor Nina V. Zaitseva, PhD, DSc, Garanin V.P, Professor Tatyana S. Ulanova, PhD, DSc, Nurislamova T.V., Popova N.A., Renev S.V.

FIELD: analytical chemistry, medicine, sanitary toxicology.

SUBSTANCE: method involves regulation of pH value in urine sample and determination of phenol amount is carried out by method of gas chromatography. Regulation of pH value in urine sample is carried out with sodium carbonate to pH 8-10. Then acetic anhydride as an acylating agent is added to sample followed by extraction with methylene chloride in theratio methylene chloride: acetic anhydride sodium carbonate = (1.0-5.0) vol. p.: (1.5-2.0) mas. p., extract is heated to C, kept at this not less, and phenol concentration is determined by method of gas chromatography. Method provides the enhancement of sensitivity and precision of phenol determination in urine.

EFFECT: improved method of determination.

Registered RU 2 200 958 3 C1

RU 2 200 958 3 C1

Application: 2001122829/14, 14.08.2001

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