Method of estimation of sensitization to chemical compounds

Professor Nina V. Zaitseva, PhD, DSc, Professor Oleg V. Dolgikh, PhD, DSc, Tyrykina T.I., Shcherbina S.G.

FIELD: medicine, medicinal ecology.

SUBSTANCE: method involves two-stage immunoenzymatic analysis carrying out. At the first stage blood serum samples are incubated with antibodies raised to constant domains IgE. At the second stage antibody conjugate to variable domains IgE with peroxidase is added and chemical substance-allergen is added simultaneously followed by staining immunochemical complex of specific IgE-antibodies formed with chromogen and optical density is recorded. Sensitization to chemical compound-allergen is diagnosed if optical density value of sample is decreased by 1.5-fold and above with respect to control value.

EFFECT: improved method of sensitization.

Registered RU 2 180 117 C1

G 01 N 33/53 33/48

Application: 2000131454/14, 14.12.2000

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