Health Risk Analysis – 2020 Conference finished its work

X All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with International participation "Health Risk Analysis - 2020" was held using the website of the Federal Scientific-Research Center for Medical and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies, Perm, Russia during the 13th to 20th of May, 2020. The conference included the international meeting on environment and health RISE -2020 and international round table «Ensuring food safety in the CIS countries and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam».

The conference was attended by 335 scientists, 130 reports were discussed, 1070 comments were published.

Conference reports were devoted to the development of various aspects of hazard assessment and health risk analysis. The problems of environmental, industrial, social and other risk factors for public health were highlighted. Actual ways of improving methods of socio-hygienic monitoring, reducing the effects of chemical, biological, physical and other factors on human health are considered.

The participants were very interested in reports devoted to the study of the influence of various factors on the health of children and adolescents, the prognosis and prevention of allergic diseases, molecular genetic methods for the study of diseases caused by environmental factors and lifestyle.

The first results of the implementation of the national projects “Demography” and “Ecology” were discussed. During an active discussion, the conference participants exchanged experiences and ways to solve a wide range of scientific and methodological problems on the effectiveness of measures within the framework of the federal projects “Clean Water” and “Clean Air”, concerning the formation of a system of motivating citizens to a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating, assessment availability and quality of food.

The participants of the International meeting on environment and health RISE-2020 discussed the urgent problems of the development of neurological and oncological diseases. Experts from France, Sweden, Japan, the USA, and Russia took part in the discussion, concerning the issues of air pollution as a factor contributing to the emergence of relapses and new cases of multiple sclerosis, circulatory system diseases, stroke, and the main types of tumors of the central nervous system. The problem of neurodegenerative diseases developing as a result of long-term food toxins ingestion were also discussed. The international meeting "RISE-2020" emphasized the significant role of the environmental health risks in global challenges if to consider their perception and hierarchy with a medico-scientific perspective. It was stressed that global risks cannot be addressed only by a conventional approach: long-term interprofessional and interdisciplinary collaboration is required, especially in the related fields of environmental health and medicine.

Within the framework of the International round table "Ensuring food safety in the CIS countries and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam", scientists and specialists presented and discussed topical issues of chemical and biological safety of food products according to human health risk criteria.

Participants noted effectiveness of cooperation in the field of food safety between scientific organizations and supervisory authorities of the EEU Member States and countries entered into the agreements and creating free trade zones with the EEU, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in particular. The round table recommends to consider chemical and microbiological risks related to the structure of food consumption when ensuring food safety. to point out the relevance of the dynamic approach by assessing and managing microbiological risks associated with food; to state that considerable attention is paid to the food safety intended for pre-school and school-aged children; - to address the need to study the health hazards of packaging materials, including those containing nanoscale particles;

Participants of the conference noted the importance of expanding the practice of medical research, as well as expanding comprehensive international scientific cooperation when studying the leading risk factors for human health considering acute and chronic negative responses from critical organs and systems that determine the main losses of active life.

Jacques Reis, MD, Prof. Conv., Strasbourg University, RISE Association, (Strasbourg, France):

The 2020 International Conference in Perm, Russia, dedicated to Health Risk Analysis, gave us the opportunity to address one of the major issues in risks' management: their perception, and therefore the risks' hierarchies. As our perspective is medico-scientific, we have examined how the environmental health issues are taken into account by several stakeholders. We have chosen focusing on the public opinions via opinion surveys, the Western reinsurance companies, and international organizations such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the World Economic Forum. We have noticed that the awareness for several global changes (e.g. climate, chemical contamination and air pollution), and even for global shocks (pandemics) is growing among many stakeholders in an increasing way. However, the link with the health consequences seemed not to be clearly integrated.

Natalia Yakovleva, Director of the Department of Science and Analytical Research, Ph.D. ECOSERVICE-S LLP (Almaty, Kazakhstan):

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to participate in the conference! This is very useful for us, because this is our first experience of participating in the conference in an online format. But you have everything so clearly and clearly organized that it gives you great pleasure to get acquainted with the materials, with the reports of the participants.

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