Ph.D. thesis defended by Valina S.L.

On the 13th of April 2017 Svetlana L. Valina has successfully defended the thesis for the degree of Candidate of medical science, specialty “14.02.01 – Hygiene”.

The topic of the work – “Hygienic assessment of risk factors of children's health disorders and the validation of the optimal occupancy rate of pre-school educational groups”. The work was performed on the base of the Federal Scientific Centre of Hygiene named after F.F. Erisman and the FSC for Medical and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies. The thesis was defended on the meeting of the dissertation council Д 208.107.01 at the Federal Scientific Centre of Hygiene named after F.F. Erisman.

Research advisors:
Rakitskiy Valeriy Nikolaevich, fellow of RAS, DSc., professor;
Ustinova Olga Yurjevna, DSc., associate professor.

The staff of the Center wholeheartedly congratulates Svetlana Leonidovna and Olga Yuryevna with successful defense and wishes further creative success!

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