Innovations for bronchial asthma prevention in children with elevated blood toxicant levels

Dr Alevtina A. Akatova, PhD, DSc, Dr Alfiya I. Aminova, PhD, DSc, Professor Tatyana S. Ulanova, PhD, DSc

Background. Environmental bronchial asthma (BA) prevention in children is urgent since the disease has a more severe course and is resistant to treatment.

Aim. To develop innovative BA prevention methods in children with recurrent bronchitis (RB) living in environmentally unfavorable areas.

Methods. We examined children aged 3-7 years with RB and blood levels of lead, chromium+6, nickel and manganese exceeding reference values by 50-100%. We used immune and allergy testing (cytokine profile), spirography, rhinomanometry, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, gas liquid chromatography.

Results. The optimization of methods for RB treatment using drugs with eliminative (Enterosgel) and anti-inflammatory action (Montelukast*) led to the 2.5-fold reduction of acute conditions frequency; less severe course of the disease; lower sensitivity levels (total IgЕ levels decreased from 176±18.3 to 129±15.23 IU/cm3, p=0.025); the improvement of plasma anti-oxidant activity (from 24.1% to 39.1% (p

Conclusion. The proposed innovative method for BA primary prevention in children with RB and elevated blood toxicant levels can be recommended to decrease the disease incidence.


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