Method of quantitative analysis of urine dimethyl terephthalate by liquid chromatography

Professor Nina V. Zaitseva, PhD, DSc, Professor Tatyana S. Ulanova, PhD, DSc, Karnazhitskaja T.D., Kislitsina A.V.

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: urine is sampled, centrifuged that is followed by solid-phase extraction with Oasis HLB sorbent with using 100% acetonitrile as an extraction fluid for dimethyl terephthalate extraction. Said solid-phase extraction is conducted by consequent passing 100% acetonitrile, distilled water, the urine sample after centrifugation, distilled water, 20% aqueous acetonitrile and 100% acetonitrile as the extraction fluid through the sorbent; then the prepared extract is analysed by liquid chromatography with using as a mobile phase mixed acetonitrile and water in the at the varying ratio 25: 75 vol. % to 90:10 vol. % respectively in a gradient mode which is enabled with combining chromatography by supplying at first the mobile phase containing mixed acetonitrile and water in the ratio 25:75 vol. % for 10 minutes. Then increasing the acetonitrile concentration in the mobile phase to 90 vol. % for 5 minutes and passing such mobile phase for another 5 minutes is followed by decreasing a volume amount of acetonitrile to 25 vol. % for 5 minutes and passing such mobile phase through a column for 10 minutes, while an amount of dimethyl terephthalate is determined by a calibration chart.

EFFECT: high sensitivity of the method combined with selectivity and availability for routine analyses.

Registered RU 2 425 380 CI

Application: 2010126117/15, 25.06.2010

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