Method for quantitative determination of vanadium in whole blood

Professor Nina V. Zaitseva, PhD, DSc, Professor Tatyana S. Ulanova, PhD, DSc, Plakhova L.V., Suetina G.N. , Stenno E.V.

FIELD: medicine, analytical chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: method involves blood sampling and its analysis using atomic-absorption method. Blood sample is diluted with bidistilled water in the volume ratio = 1:1. Atomic-absorption method is carried out in regimen of electrothermic atomization wherein 1% solution of palladium nitrate as a modifying agent and blood diluted sample are added in atomizer sequentially in the volume ratio modifying agent diluted sample = 2:1 and the following process is carried out at temperature +2900 C. Vanadium content is determined using calibrating curve. Blood sample is taken in the amount 10 mcl, not less. Method provides the simplified sample preparing procedure, reduced analysis time, enhanced sensitivity of assay with simultaneous reducing volume of whole blood as necessary biomaterial.

EFFECT: improved assay method.

Registered RU2 224 254 C1

G 01 N 33/50

Application: 2002123414/15, 30.08.2002

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