Method for correcting iodine-deficiency states in population on areas with combined effect of iodine deficiency and environmental chemical factors

Professor Nina V. Zaitseva, PhD, DSc, Professor Marina A. Zemlyanova, PhD, DSc, Dr Alevtina A. Akatova, PhD, DSc, Tyrykina T.I.

FIELD: environmental public health.

SUBSTANCE: method consists in realization of course favoring excretion of toxic chemical agents from body over 1 week period, after which, during at least 2 weeks, preparations containing fixed physiologic iodine dose (according to iodine deficiency level found for elevated-risk groups on given area) and simultaneously zinc- and copper-containing drugs.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of correction of iodine-deficiency states through compensated action on thyroid gland.

Registered RU 2 206 327 3 C1

A 61 К 33/18

Application: 2002100986/14, 08.01.2002

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