Method for hygienic diagnostics and evaluation of iodine-deficient states tension at territory with combined impact of ecological factors

Professor Nina V. Zaitseva, PhD, DSc, Professor Marina A. Zemlyanova, PhD, DSc, Dmitry A. Kiryanov, PhD in Engineering, Tyrykin T.I., Professor Oleg V. Dolgikh, PhD, DSc, Professor Tatyana S. Ulanova, PhD, DSc, Ledentsova E.E.

FIELD: medicine, ecology.

SUBSTANCE: the innovation deals with detecting natural iodine-deficient state (IDS) at certain territory by clinical and biochemical parameters. One should establish distribution and severity degree of IDS at certain territory, then ecological evaluation of environmental state is conducted by revealing main ecotoxicants to diagnose ecologically dependent pathology and establish "chemical ecotoxicants IDS values" interrelation in population of this territory. One should carry out ranging and mapping of IDS tension at the given territory. By cluster analysis one should carry out integral evaluation of IDS development at certain territory by revealing main IDS values and dividing such a territory in to clusters to elabоrate territorial program for IDS monitoring, correction and prophylaxis at territory under studying. The present innovation enables to reliably predict and evaluate IDS tension at certain territory.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and accuracy of diagnostics.

Registered RU 2 206 272 3 С1

G 01 N 33/48

Application: 2001132992/14, 05.12.2001

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