Method for evaluating ecological situation influence on population immunity status

Professor Nina V. Zaitseva, PhD, DSc, Professor Oleg V. Dolgikh, PhD, DSc, Lykhina T.S., Dubravina Eh.V., Vojlokova N.N., Sukhanova T.A.

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves measuring contents of toxic substance characteristic of ecological residence medium of the population in venous blood sample, separating lymphocytes from the sample (mononucleic cells) and adding the known toxic substance to them at normal concentration. The so obtained mixture is incubated at temperature corresponding to normal temperature of human organism. Then the number of lymphocytes is determined containing differentiating antigens characteristic of toxic substance action using immunoassay methods. The number of corresponding lymphocyte clusters in a sample under toxic agent influence being reduced not less than 1.5 times as much when compared to control sample with no additionally introduced toxic substance and the toxic substance being detected at the same time in blood sample in concentration exceeding norm, immunity state worsening is considered to take place.

EFFECT: enhanced accuracy in determining functional activity of extracellular peroxidases with free radical influence being taken into account.

Registered RU 2 180 116 C1

G 01 N 33/53

Application: 2000126545/14, 20.10.2000

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