Health Risk Analysis journal № 3, 2020 was published

The 3rd issue of the journal Health Risk Analysis is devoted to the X All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with International Participation "Health Risk Analysis - 2020", together with the international meeting on Environment and Health RISE-2020 and the Round table on Food Safety, held in May 2020.

The conference was held in the context of a complex epidemiological situation on the territory of the Russian Federation caused by the emergence of a new coronavirus infection. However, all 109 planned reports from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the United States, Sweden, France, and Vietnam were submitted in full.

Reports and discussions of the conference were devoted to the development of legal, scientific, methodological and criteria aspects of assessing external, industrial, social and other risk factors for public health. Topical ways to improve the effectiveness of the risk-based model of control and supervision activities, improve methods of social and hygienic monitoring, and mitigate the effects of chemical, biological, physical and other factors on health are considered.

During the international meeting «RISE-2020", special attention was paid to the significant role of external health risks in global challenges. It was emphasized «Global risks can no longer be addressed with the usual «in-the-box» compartmentalized approach. Inter-professional and interdisciplinary cooperation are mandatory, as practiced in Environmental Health and Medicine. A long-term perspective is of great importance, with critical risk assessments applied to chronic health issues as well sudden, acute threats».

The Round table "Ensuring food safety in the CIS countries and the socialist Republic of Vietnam" discussed topical issues of chemical and biological safety of food products, algorithms for establishing hygienic standards for food products based on human health risk criteria, and the application of a dynamic approach to assessing and managing microbiological risks. The issues of assessing the actual consumption of food products, taking into account their structure and the influence of the structure of nutrition on human health indicators, are considered. The results of the risk assessment associated with food contamination by a number of chemical and biological contaminants and the hazard assessment of packaging materials are analyzed in detail.

As a result of the conference, 22 articles were published in the new issue of the journal Health Risk Analysis.

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