On May 13, 2020, 10-00 AM (GMT+3) Х all-Russian conference with international participation “Health Risk Analysis-2020” will start its work

The forum is attended by more than 200 participants representing the authorities and research organizations of Rospotrebnadzor, RAS institutes, higher education institutions, the Ministry of health and other organizations from 74 subjects of the Russian Federation, and also scientists from Belarus, France, Sweden, USA, SRV and Japan. The program includes more than 130 reports.

In 2020, in connection with COVID-19, the conference is held as an online forum.

Within the framework of the conference, an international meeting on environment and health “RISE-2020” and an international round table “Ensuring the safety of food products in the CIS countries and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam” will be held.

Conference reports highlight the legal, fundamental and criteria-based aspects of hazard assessment and health risk analysis, summarize Russian and international experience. They contain the results of scientific and methodological approaches development to control and supervision measures within the framework of risk-oriented model development (including the safety of consumer products), the results of the risks’ assessment to public health under the influence of heterogeneous factors in the external, industrial and educational environment, lifestyle . A number of reports provide examples of the implementation of the national projects “Ecology” and “Demography”, the practice of introducing risk-oriented supervision. The scientific substantiation of the policy of minimizing the consequences of pollution of the population's environment objects on the basis of the associated risk assessment and proven harm to health was performed. Methodological approaches to mathematical modeling of systems and processes are described. The analysis of the risk of occurrence, diagnosis and prevention of non-communicable diseases under the influence of environmental factors and lifestyle is carried out. The implementation of information technologies in risk analysis and personalized disease prevention is reflected.

The presented research results of Russian and foreign experts are devoted to topical issues of assessing the quality of atmospheric air, drinking water, food and safety, and lifestyle factors. A significant part of the articles reflects issues related to the assessment of the physical factors impact (noise, electromagnetic radiation) in the conditions of intensive development of large cities and agglomerations. The effectiveness assessment of medical and preventive technologies is given.

In whole, the research results and methodological developments relevant to the practical activities of the service in conducting hygienic investigations, studies, and examinations will be discussed at the conference. The experience of the territories can be used to solve a number of problems at the regional and municipal levels in the field of ensuring the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population and protecting consumer rights.

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