About intellectual property objects of the Scientific Center

In 2019, Federal Scientific Center for Medical and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies received 34 protection documents of the Russian Federation for inventions, patentеs, computer programs and databases.

50% of patents for inventions related to the methods for diagnosing various diseases in children and adolescents in the field of immunology, endocrinology and pulmonology. A few patents involved methods to diagnose the health disorders of employees working in industrial enterprises associated with production-related diseases. It is noteworthy that most patent-protected diagnostic methods are based on modern diagnostic criteria. For instance, genetic markers and mathematical modeling methods.

15% of patents for inventions related to methods of treatment and prevention of a number of diseases found in children and adolescents.

Technical solutions regard the methods of chemical analysis for determining the content of toxicants in the blood and air were protected by four patents for inventions. It should be noted that the most promising chemical equipment, such as high-performance liquid chromatograph, is applied when implementing these chemical methods. It allows us to improve the accuracy and to achieve a significant increase in detection limits, including ultrasmall quantities of toxicants. It is of importance when preventing the certain diseases in children related to environmental pollution.

In 2019, patent protection of design solutions resulted in such intellectual property as patterns were practiced widely. All of them concerned teaching aids to study the algorithms for diagnostics, treatment and measures in emergency situations, etc. Due to these protective solutions, we might offer to the medical specialists, students, employees of relevant services the practical skills required when working with patients, including children and adolescents, visible, available and clear.

Certificates of the Russian Federation for computer programs and databases account for around 18% of protection documents received in 2019. These mathematical developments were directly related to the subject of the Center's research. They regard the issues of functional diagnostics of patients, various types of calculations in terms of indicators of regulatory processes in the body, calculations to implement the methods for evaluating quality indicators and others.

According to the reporting data, 71 patentable developments were used in the work activity of the Center in 2019. It enabled us to provide a high level of services for diagnosis and treatment of both children and adults, as well as to carry out qualitatively all research and tasks of Federal Service for Surveillance on Customers Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing.

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