About the results of 2019

The scientific investigations carried out by the Federal Scientific Center for Medical and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies in 2019 developed the fundamental principles of hygienic science in terms of the influence of environmental factors on human health and allow the use of new scientific data to solve a wide range of applied problems. The data provide further steps to develop methods for predicting and preventing human health disorders, increasing the period of labor activity, and the duration of a healthy life in general, creating a safe and comfortable living environment.

Priority is given to research in the field of:

  • molecular genetic diagnosis of negative changes in the state of the human body under the influence of a complex of negative immunological, biochemical, genetic and other factors;
  • search for critical organs, systems and markers for assessing morphofunctional disorders at the population, individual, organ, cellular and subcellular levels;
  • identification and quantification of toxicants of various chemical structures in human habitats and biological environments with substantiation of criteria for their acceptable content;
  • development of the theory of health risk assessment with the characterization of evolution and risk forecasting, improvement of the hygiene standardization methodology based on health risk assessment, methodological approaches to managing health risks of various groups of the population;
  • improving the methodology of socio-hygienic monitoring and control and supervisory activities using risk-based approaches, GIS modeling;
  • mathematical modeling and numerical methods for assessing the functional state of organs and systems, population health loss and the effectiveness of measures to reduce them;
  • differentiated methodologies for product safety supervision, methods for its classification; scientific substantiation of medical and preventive methods and technologies of health saving in children and adults.

The results of more than 30 research works carried out in 2019 are presented in 266 publications in journals indexed in Russian and international scientific citation systems, presented in 102 reports at Russian and international conferences, 35 applications for registration of the intellectual property have been submitted.

The results of scientific research are applied and can be applied by the executive authorities of the Russian Federation at all levels in solving the problems of achieving the target indicators of national and federal projects “Ecology”, “Demography” (“Clean Air”, “Clean Water”, “Demography”, “Improving Public Health”, etc., by the laboratory testing centers of bodies and organizations of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare; laboratory testing centers of bodies and organizations of Rospotrebnadzor, other federal authorities, scientific and educational organizations of all constituent entities of the Russian Federation during sanitary-hygienic research, investigations, examinations.

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