The implementation of the roadmap for Russian-Vietnamese cooperation continues. Visit of the scientific center specialists to the National Institute for food control (NIFC), Hanoi, Vietnam

In the framework of the implementation of the roadmap for Russian-Vietnamese cooperation, specialists from the Federal Research Center for medical and preventive health risk management technologies Doctor of medical Sciences P.Z. Shur, Doctor of Biological Sciences T.V. Nurislamova, Candidate of technical Sciences M.R. Kamaltdinov and a specialist in risk assessment D.V. Suvorov visited National Institute for Food Control (NIFC) in Hanoi on July 1-5, 2019. During the visit, discussion and approval of the results of the 1st stage of research “Determination of N-nitrosamines in children’s food by gas chromatography with mass spectrometry” and discussion of the 2nd stage of research “Assessment of food consumption in the Russian Federation and Socialist Republic of Vietnam” were held. Also promising directions of cooperation for the coming 3 years, including a plan of training activities based on the NIFC and the “FSC for medical and preventive health risk management technologies” were discussed.

The roadmap for Russian-Vietnamese cooperation is being implemented in accordance with the order of the Russian Federation Government of 08.19. 2917 No. 1789-r on the provision of scientific-methodological and material and technical support to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to counter the threats of infectious diseases and the risks associated with hazardous chemicals.


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