Defense of a doctoral thesis of V.M. Chigvintsev

On June 19, 2019 a successful defense of the doctoral thesis for the degree of Candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences in specialty “05.13.18 – mathematical modeling, numerical methods and software complexes” was held by Vladimir Mikhailovich Chigvintsev. Thesis was defended at a dissertation board meeting D 212.188.08 in FSBEI of Higher Education “Perm National Research Polytechnic University”

The theme of the work is – “Mathematical model for describing the functioning and relationship of the immune and neuroendocrinal systems, taking into account the impact of chemical factors of the environment”.

Research adviser: Trusov P.V., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, prof., Head of the “Mathematical modeling of systems and processes” Department of the FSBEI of Higher Education “Perm National Research Polytechnic University”.

The Center staff heartly congratulates Vladimir Mikhailovich and Petr Valentinovich on successful defense and wishes further scientific victories!

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