Participation in implementation of the Federal Project “Public health promotion”

From May 15, 2019, in the framework of the Federal Project «Public health promotion», Rospotrebnadzor begins realization of events, aimed at promoting the healthy nutrition principles and at creating an environment, promoting the healthy lifestyle in Russia.

In the framework of the Federal Project, a monitoring system is being introduced for the nutritional status of various population groups in the regions, including children. It is based on the results of scientific research in the field of nutrition, dietetics and epidemiology, as well as linking the population’s health with the nutrition structure and quality of food products.

In 2019, the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Moscow, Samara, Sverdlovsk and Omsk Regions were identified as “pilot” territories for conducting research, where, starting in May, a methodology for assessing the nutritional status of Russians will be tested. Pupils in the organized groups will be the first study groups. Several hundred schools are involved in the pilot study in the regions.

Research will be organized through a survey/questionnaire of parents with children and analysis of information in educational institutions, where meals for children are organized. The survey / questionnaire of parents will be carried out by Rospotrebnadzor specialists with the participation of scientists from the Institute of nutrition and other research centers from the Moscow region, Perm city and Novosibirsk city. FBSI "FSC for medical and preventive health risk management technologies", together with other Rospotrebnadzor NRU will participate in the analytical processing of the data array obtained during the survey and the development of practical recommendations based on the results of research work.

In order to implement the measures of the Federal Project “Strengthening Public Health” of the national project “Demography”, aimed at improving the quality and life expectancy and in accordance with the order of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being of 02.27.2019 No. 97 on the basis of Federal Publicly Funded Institution of Science “Federal Scientific Center for Hygiene named after F.F. Erisman”, FBSI “Federal scientific center for medical and preventive health risk management technologies”, FBSI “Novosibirsk Scientific Research Institute of Hygiene” and Federal Publicly Funded Institution of Science «FSC of nutrition and biotechnologies» RESEARCH-GUIDANCE CENTERS FOR HEALTH NUTRITION have been created.

The main tasks of the RGD (research-guidance centers) are:

  • Providing advisory and methodological assistance on healthy nutrition to authorities and organizations of Rospotrebnadzor, medical and educational organizations, business entities and the population;
  • Monitoring of activities effectiveness for educational and training activities on healthy nutrition;
  • Preparation of scientific and methodological materials on healthy nutrition.

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