The IX All-Russian Conference “Risk Analysis Current Issues in Ensuring Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare of the Population and Consumer Rights Protection” has ended

On May 15-16, in Perm, the IX All-Russian Conference “Risk Analysis Current Issues in Ensuring Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare of the Population and Consumer Rights Protection” was held, and attended by scientists from 68 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as from countries of near and far abroad: France, Sweden, USA, Vietnam, the Republic of Belarus; the representatives of large industrial enterprises, such as the “Rusal” United Company and others.

Perm, thanks to its strong scientific base, is a leader in the field of estimating of influence of various environmental and production factors on human health.

The reports presented at the Conference were devoted to the effectiveness of the Rospotrebnadzor activity both in particular regions and across the country as a whole. There were reports on the experience of using modern software tools used in the Sverdlovsk region, on air quality assurance by enterprises with temporarily-approved emissions in the Irkutsk region. A separate section was devoted to the practical management of the sanitary and epidemiological situation, at which the issues of the dynamics of medical and demographic indicators, on the example of individual regions, were discussed; as well as health risk assessment methods for the northern territories of the country.

The strategic priorities in reducing the incidence of environmentally caused diseases were covered in the report of Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, DSc in Medicine and Professor N.V. Zaytseva. The report reflected data on in-depth studies, has shown that the risk of injuring health is formed by many types of economic activity including mining operations, air transport activity, water collection and treatment. The number of the population currently affected by environmental factors amounts more than 93 million people. Potential risks of health injuring are projected simultaneously on several classes of diseases related to respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, urogenital and endocrine systems, neoplasms, etc. The high efficiency of Rospotrebnadzor activities in the prevention of mortality and morbidity of the population of the Russian Federation, caused by environmental exposure, has been established, and the occurrence of health risk management reserves has been shown.

Researches on several factors, affecting the health condition, were presented. The report of the Professor Anna-Marie Landtblom, from the Uppsala University, Sweden, on the influence of organic solvents on the incidence of multiple sclerosis, was delivered. Data on the connection between air contamination and the development of the nervous system diseases were presented by Professor Jacques Reis of the University of Strasbourg, France, and Professor Peter Spencer, USA. Candidate of Medical Sciences, E.V. Zibarev of Izmerov Research Institute of Occupational Health, Moscow, spoke about such physical factor as aircraft noise. The issues of scientific assessment of the health of workers in the pulp and paper, metallurgical and chemical industries were discussed. The reports on the results of studies of the influence of the educational process features on the health state of children living in industrial cities, on the features of school nutrition etc. were presented.

Conference participants noted the necessity and importance of science and practice collaboration while addressing issues of ensuring the health of citizens.

The final resolution included a number of recommendations, such as:

  • the inclusion of indicators of health risks in the system of indicators of the governmental performance at the level of the Federation, the subjects of the Federation and local governance;
  • creation and implementation of a national program on the study of substances circulating in the market, aiming at removing products of high-risk proximity and replacing them with safe analogues;
  • improvement of prevention methods and correction of health problems caused by the negative impact of the external and industrial environmental factors, nutritional and educational conditions;
  • development of informational systems and services providing citizens, society and business with access to the full and relevant information about the governmental bodies activity through the Internet, except information that constitutes a secret especially protected by law.

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