All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with International Participation "Actual issues of risk analysis in ensuring the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population and consumer protection" will be held on in May 15th-16th in Perm

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is a great pleasure to invite You to the IX All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with International Participation «ACTUAL ISSUES OF THE RISK ANALYSIS IN THE PROVISION OF SANITARY AND EPIDEMIOLOGICAL WELFARE OFTHE POPULATION AND CONSUMER PROTECTION».

The Conference is an interdisciplinary event and is dedicated to researches for improving local and national public health using the best experience and will bring together scientists and health professionals from all over Russia and international experts.


  1. General legal, scientific, methodological and organizational issues of assessment, prediction and risk management for public health.
  2. Scientific, informational, analytical and methodological support of risk-oriented model of control and supervisory activities. Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness evaluation of control and supervisory activities in the field of population sanitary and epidemiological welfare.
  3. Improving the system of social and hygienic monitoring: new approaches, technologies, tools.
  4. Methodology for justifying hygienic standards and requirements for the safety of habitats and products development, taking into account health risk criteria.
  5. Scientific and methodological aspects of assessing and managing public health risks associated with the actual nutrition structure and product quality.
  6. Issues of hygienic assessment and minimization of risks to the health of children and adolescents.
  7. Modern methods of diseases diagnosis, associated with exposure to risk factors of habitat and lifestyle, including use of genomic, proteomic, transcriptome, metabolic analysis methods.
  8. Medical and preventive technologies for diseases prevention and correction, associated with environmental factors, educational process and lifestyle.
  9. The scientific basis for measures to assess and manage risk to the health of the working population. Individual monitoring of harmful factors and health. Extension of healthy working longevity.
  10. Modern mathematical, software, hardware and instrumental methods for supporting hygienic research. Personalized preventive healthcare platform.

We warmly welcome you to Russia, to the Urals, to Perm - the first city of Europe as we call it, because it is located very close to the Europe - Asia border. Often described as an industrial center, Perm is much more than that. A city of great diversity, Perm offers something for everyone — whether you have scientific interest or are you a seeker for cultural events.

You can be assured of worm hospitality, large-scale scientific program and a lot of places of interest.

Fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Professor Nina Zaitseva, DSc.
Scientific Director Federal Scientific Center for Medical
and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies

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