Development and implementation of preventive health platform for the personalized health monitoring and risk management

The research team of the Federal Research Center for Medical and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies of Rospotrebnadzor has developed an unparalleled information and expert (IES) system) “Assessment and Forecast of Individual Risk of Respiratory Disease development. Active prevention program”. It allows assessing and predicting the individual risk of respiratory diseases development, when exposed to a complex of heterogeneous factors for the development of scientific-based personalized prevention technologies. The basis for the project was the Grant of the FSBI of the “Foundation for Assistance to the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere” to carry out R&D on the topic: “Research on the individual characteristics of the population genetic and somatic status, that are exposed to chemical factors, and the development of full-featured information and software for individual diagnostics, assessment and prediction of the various organ systems diseases risk (Project No. 16420. application P – 01964 as part of the innovative project implementation "Development and implementation of preventive health platform personalized health monitoring and risk management."

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