Participation in the Food Control Conference FCC 2018, Hanoi (Vietnam)

Nurislamova T.V., the Deputy Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry Analysis of Federal Scientific Center for Medical and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies, Doctor of Biological Science, gave a talk on topic "The Experience of the Russian Federation in the development of methods for controlling the N-nitrosoamine level in food (baby canned meat)" at the Food Control Conference FCC held from 4 to 5 October 2018 in Hanoi (Vietnam).

The conference was held under auspices of the Ministry of Healthcare and with the support of Abbott National Institute for Food Control (NIFC). The leading scientists in the field of food control from national and international institutions, universities and testing organizations of Vietnam, the USA, Korea, Singapore, Japan took part in this conference.

The reports covered a wide range of issues in the field of innovative approaches to food quality and safety and practical application of food control methods in Vietnam and all over the world.

Based on the results of the conference a collection of abstracts, as well as two special issues of the Journal of Analytical Sciences and the Vietnamese Journal of Food Control were published.

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