The VIII All-Russian research-to-practice conference with international participation “Current issues of risk analysis of sanitary-epidemiologicalsafetyand consumer rights protection” has ended

The VIII All-Russian research-to-practice conference with international participation “Current issues of risk analysis of sanitary-epidemiological safety and consumer rights protection” has ended.

The issues of current importance of population safety supporting in conditions of environmental exposure, industrial activity and consumer products were discussed by more than 230 specialists of the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Costumers Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing’s (Rospotrebnadzor)bodies and scientific centers,the Russian Academy of Sciences, institutions of high education, theMinistry of Health of the Russian Federation and other organizations from 67 subjects of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

The regions were represented byheads and middle executives of Rospotrebnadzor, chief doctors and deputy chief doctors of Hygienic and Epidemiological Centers, heads and specialists of social-hygienic monitoring’s divisions, directors and specialists of scientific research institutions of Rospotrebnadzor, the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO) and the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA). Personals of 9 state medical universities, regional and municipal health care institutes and other organizations which act in the field of sanitary-epidemiological wellbeingparticipated in the conference.

More than 100 reports which were presented in the plenary sessions within the five sections and poster session showed the aggregate of scientific fields which wereclaimedto consideration.

In consequence of the consideration conference members have summarized the following:

  1. development of new technologies, kinds of products, chemical and biological substances which are traded on the national market are needed permanent development of measures of identification, minimization and preventing of all the kinds of risks to citizens’ life and health which are managed by Rospotrebnadzor;
  2. the health risk assessment methodology is demanded and effective when solving the complex of national strategic issues for human potential saving and growth, harmonic territory development, growth of security and competitive ability of domesticproducts and services, development of control and supervision measures system;
  3. growth of the practice in the application of risk assessment methodology in activity of Rospotrebnadzor including control and supervision measures is dictated of the present time and is akey to harmonization between nativeand international safety requirements;
  4. risk assessment methodology development in Russia should be directed to implementation of chemical and biological safety supplying national policy, support serious of all kinds thread neutralization measures, prevention and consecutive reduction of negative factor influence risk to acceptable level, population protection growth;
  5. development of scientific foundations of sanitary-epidemiological supervision, the introduction of modern and high-sensitive methods ofidentification and control of environment and working environment pollutants and food, development and practical application of systematic approaches of hygienic assessment and people health risk management significantly increase an efficiency of hygiene authorities;
  6. an increase of the quality of standardization and methodical support of state sanitary-epidemiological supervision, social-hygienic monitoring, population health risk assessment tacking into account spatial management tools on the territories of metropolitans and major urban agglomerations of the Russian Federation;
  7. absolutely new level ofdiagnosis and prevention of health disability associated with environmental factors is related to the occupational medicine principles, introduction in practice of cellular, genomic and cytogenetic technologies of health disability risk diagnosis;
  8. issues of hygienic assessment of new chemical substances, nanometerials or products gained by nanotechnology and other hazards remain a current question in conditions of systematic and consistent solution of problemsthat are raised by Rospotrebnadzor. New objects in a field of citizen safety support under the influence of a noise, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and other physical factors are raised;
  9. one of the priority issues is a preservation of health of the most vulnerable contingents such aschildren and pregnant women including those who work;
  10. in conditions of population demographic ageing and increase of human resources deficit the issues of occupational risk management and disease prevention connected with production activity are topical;
  11. it is necessary to extend the experience of the scientific exchange with abroad colleagues in issues of threat identification, exposition assessment, health risk characterization and other issues which can increase efficiency of sanitary-epidemiological supervision and population safety.

The participants of the conference havenoted high level of the studies presented in reports and thanked the organizers for welcoming and great conference organization.

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