A unique clinical-laboratory and chemical-analytical surveys of child population of Achinsk city had been conducted

The child population, residing the areas exposed to the aluminum production enterprises, was observed by the specialists of the department of immunobiological methods of diagnosis of the FBSI “FSC MPH RMT” together with the Administration of Rospotrebnadzor of Irkutsk region. It was found, that children exposed to aluminum, with pathology of the cardiovascular system (MARS), are characterized by elevated incidence of variant alleles of the following genes: genes of immune-associated protein TERT (telomerase), HLA-DRA (major histocompatibility complex); genes of detoxification systems, CPOX coproporphyrinogen oxidase gene (rs1131857), which verify pathogenic aspects of MARS development, including violations of detoxification function of its 2nd phase, the likelihood of violations of the immune response associated with oncoprolifiration, autoimmune statuses.

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