Participation in the VI Perm Interuniversity forum “City ecology: meaning and solutions” on May 19, Perm

On the 19th of May within the Programme “Year of Ecology” the VI Perm Interuniversity forum “City ecology: meaning and solution” took place in Youth Palace, Perm city.

The main objective of forum is the formation of the ecological literacy of the student audience, the development of interaction between universities, local governments and public organizations in order to formulate the modern approaches for solution of the issues of local importance in the field of ecology, and support the youth in environmental initiatives.

One of the tasks to be solved in the Year of Ecology is the formation of an active civic position in the field of ecology, the development of a responsible attitude to the surrounding space, to yourself and your own inner world.

The stuff of the FSC for Medical and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies took part in the working section "Human ecology" with presentation of the reports:

“Effect of chemical environmental factors on human health, disease prevention”.
Reporters: Fellow of RAS Zaitseva N.V., DSc., professor, director of the FBSI “Federal Scientific Center for Medical and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies., Zemlyanova М.А., DSc., professor, head of the Department of Biochemical and Cytogenetic Research Methods.

“Medical-ecological problems of urban areas”.
Reporter: Kleyn S.V., PhD. head of the department of sanitary and hygienic analysis and monitoring systemic methods.

“Fine dust in the air of Perm city – risk factor for human health”.
Reporter: Zagorodnov S.Yu., senior scientist of the Situation Modeling and Expert and Analytical Management Techniques Laboratory.

“Variable electromagnetic fields - sources, levels, potential threats to human health”.
Reporter: Balashov S.Yu., head of the Sanitary and Hygienic Analysis and Expert Examinations Laboratory

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