The monograph “Peculiarities of human immunological and genetic defects in conditions of destabilization of the live environment” was published

Authors: N.V. Zaitseva, O.V.Dolgikh, D.G. Dianova

Perm: Publishing house of Perm. National Research Polytechnic University, 2016. - 300 p.

The monograph is based on technologies, methods and practical examples of identification of immune and genetic markers of immunological health, modified by environmenthaptenicload. The developed concepts, methods and algorithmsof identification and assessment of the markers of effect and sensitivity allowed the authors of the monograph to set their personalized combinations at early abnormalities of adaptation processes and immune regulation for different groups of population, their living and working conditions.

The monograph is intended for the specialists in the field of health risk assessment, immunologists, allergologists, researchers dealing with the issues of cellular technologies, genomics, transcriptomicsand human ecology. The authors thankR.A.Predein, the Candidate of Medical Science, A.V. Krivtsov, T.S. Lykhin, E.A. Otavin and N.A. Vdovin, the Candidates of Medical Science for their assistance and provision of materials during formation of the monograph.

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