Human health hazards associated with tetracycline drugs residues in food

Nina V. Zaitseva, Pavel Z. Shur, Nina G. Atiskova, Dmitry A. Kiryanov, Marat R. Kamaltdinov
Food safety, Tetracycline residues, Health risk assessment

This study aimed to investigate health risk from tetracycline residues in food, as one of the most widespread veterinary antibiotic. Health risk assessment of veterinary drugs residues in food in particular within the World Trade Organization, the Eurasian Economic Community and the Eurasian Economic Community customs union is one of the priority areas in the field of consumer health safety. According to results of gut flora alterations modeling for children it was founded that tetracycline residues concentration in food more than 10 μg/kg increases risk of digestive system diseases to 0.000461 (up to 4% of cases), risk of dermatitis to 0.000725 (up to 0.9% of cases), risk of alimentary allergy to 0.000149 (up to 0.1% of cases), risk of diseses of the blood to 0.001372 (up to 8% of cases). Health risk assessment on tetracycline in food showed that tetracycline residues at 10 μg/kg (allowable residue level for Customs Union members) led to no health risk increase including most sensitive population.

International journal of advanced research (2014), Volume 2, Issue 8, P. 488-495.

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