A Mathematical Model in the Immune and Neuroendocrine Systems Mutual Regulatione under the Tecnogenic Chemical Factors Impact

Nina V. Zaitseva, Dmitry A. Kiryanov, Dmitry V. Lanin, Vladimir M. Chigvintsev

The concept of the triad regulatory metasystem, which includes the neuroendocrine and immune regulation systems, is currently generally accepted. Changes occurring in each of the regulatory systems in response to the impact of technogenic chemical factors are also well known. This paper presents mathematical models of the immune and neuroendocrine system functioning, using the interaction between these systems in response to bacterial invasion as an example,and changes in their performance under exposure to chemical factors, taking into account the stage of functional disorders in a producing organ, using the performance of the bone marrow as an example.


Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine,Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 492489, 12 pages

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