Method of determining integral permissible risk of separate classes and sorts of products for human health

Zajtseva N.V. Maj I.V., Shur P.Z., Trusov P.V., Shevyreva M.P., Goncharuk N.I.

FIELD: medicine. SUBSTANCE: inventions relate to medicine, in particular to investigation and registration of human health disorders as response to impact of various products. Basing on retrospective statistic analysis mean annual number of citizens' health disorders caused by all types of products is determined and they are classified by types in accordance with degree of health disorder severity. Simultaneously, in accordance with discrete intervals, value from zero to one is given to each stated degree by reference interval scale. Further, taking into account error amount for each type of mean annual number of health disorders in accordance with said severity degree and, using coefficient 1/70, which is selected from value of 70 years, characterising average human life span, and also using value 5%, characterising permissible annual increase of health disorders on the whole without impermissible increase of background indices, permissible risk Rintperm of total production - all classes of products, for citizens' health is calculated. Then integral permissible risk Riperm of separate classes of products for human health, integral permissible risk Rjperm for separate types of products are determined. EFFECT: method allows to obtain reliable evaluation of integral permissible risk of separate classes and types of products for human health due to extension of taken into account gradation of citizens' heath disorder by reference integral scale of severity degree of said disorder. 2 cl; 2 tbl, 2 ex. RU2 368 322 C1 Effective date for property rights: 09.01.2008 Date of publication: 27.09.2009 Bull. 27

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