Method of quantitative determination of phthalic acid in blood serum

Zajtseva N.V., Ulanova T.S., Karnazhitskaja T.D., Teploukhova N.V., Kislitsina A.V.

Proposed method consists in sampling of 2 cm3 serum, which contains phthalic acid; following acidation with aqueous solution of acetic acid till ph 3; the solid-state extraction at oasis hlb sorbent is performed with the use of extractant - mixture of methyl and isopropyl alcohol in volume ratio 9:1. then, the resulted extract is analysed by liquid chromatography, where the mixture of acetonitrile and water in volume ratio 15:85 is used following acidation with aqueous solution of orthophosphoric acid till pH 3. The amount of phthalic acid is determined by using the calibrating plot. EFFECT: precision of phthalic acid test in presence of benzoic acid is increased; test time is reduced. 3 cl, 3 tbl, 2 ex

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